Star Wars: The Mandalorian - The Child Key Pin

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This small pin is a replica of the Disney Store Key to Imagination that was specially designed to celebrate Disney+’s Star Wars The Mandalorian and the fan favorite character, The Child (commonly known as Baby Yoda and officially named Grigio). The D that makes the bow of the key, on the far left is pepper green. The shaft is tan with The Child from the neck up peeking out. The collars of the key are a darker tan, almost a burlap color. “Mandalorian” is spelled out along the throat of the key in dark green against a pepper green background. The “STAR WARS” Logo replaces the castle bit of the key. The back of the pin includes information that specifies that this pin is a “Special Edition” as well as the Official 2020 Pin Trading Logo, (C) Disney, China/Chine, and the FAC. This pin came on a backer card shaped like the Imagination Parks Disney Store Opening Ceremony Lock and is a snowy white with a silver border. The Star Wars Logo is in the upper left corner while the Disney+ Logo and information is near the bottom left. Mando is in the upper right corner with “Special Edition” written at the bottom right. The Mandalorian logo runs along a black bar at the the bottom of the backer card. This key officially released December 1, 2020 as a Disney Visa Cardholder exclusive. As of December 7, 2020 the release was opened to all guests.

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